Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Milan draw Barca while Bayern beat Marseille

Though the match between Milan and Barca ended goalless, there was no dull moment through out the match. There were scoring opportunities missed between the two teams starting from the miss by Robinho less than 5minutes into to match. Barca took control of the greater part of the match and Alexis Sanchez thought he deserved a penalty when he came down following a contact from Milan's goalkeeper Abbiati.
With this result the second leg which will be played in spain is still very open as a win by any of the two sides will see the team moving to the next round.
The match between Marseille and Bayern ended with two goals in favor of Bayern. The first goal came from Mario Gomez at the tail of the first half while Arjen Robben netted in the second. With the two away goals Bayern stand a better chance to progress to the next round.

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