Saturday, 31 March 2012

Retirement report denied by Petrov's representative

Following the statement made by Petrov that football is over and this is the end. There have been reports that he has retired from the game.
In his speech to Bulgarian sports daily Tema Sport on saturday, Petrov said; “Football is over, this is the end. I am now beginning to fight for my life and I will fight.
“I lost my energy early in the second half (at arsenal) and it was very unusual for me.
“But this is life, you see we drank a coffee in London a week ago and now we are talking about things like this.”
“I’ll fight, it’s clear and also would like to thank everyone for the support from all around the world.”
 But his representative Stephen Hughes has moved to clear up the situation saying that his client has no intentions to quit playing.

Hughes told Sky sports:”It is not true that Stiliyan has said he is retiring from football.
“What he did say was that he was fighting for his life and that he will fight to recover.”
The condition was diagnosed following tests after the midfielder developed a fever. Petrov has been regular for his team this season and has scored 4 goals this season.
Petrov was a spectator for Villa’s match against Chelsea at Villa Park as they were defeated by four goals to two.
Petrov is set to begin treatment on his condition at a London specialist hospital on Monday.

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