Friday, 6 April 2012

Mancini: Title race not yet over

Manchester City Manager Roberto Mancini believes that the race for the Premier League trophy is not yet over.
City is currently five points behind United who are on top of the league table with 76 points. Mancini believes that with seven games left to play, that the possible 21 points up for grab can still make a big difference. Speaking in an interview, he said:
“If they (United) win all their games, we will congratulate them as they deserve to win the title, but seven games to the end, I believe anything can happen. We lose four points in two games, so it is possible also for them.
“Maybe in this moment, there are some people that do not believe it is difficult, but in football we can believe always. It is important we go to win our game and after that we see what happens. We then play a derby, which can be three points and there are six other games and in that they can lose points.”
City has a tough away clash this weekend against Arsenal and will play Manchester United at the end of April at home.

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